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Music & Sound

Oxford’s vibrant and eclectic music scene includes some of the country’s top rock bands and world-leading choirs as well as the producers and technologists behind one of the UK’s most successful exports. Join us if you would like to be part of this dynamic industry.

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Music of all genres is part of the fabric of Oxford. Today there is a flourishing music scene that has its roots in the history of the city that embraces rock, classical, folk, jazz, and contemporary and experimental music. Bands like Radiohead and Supergrass have inspired many rock bands and musicians to follow in their footsteps, such as Foals, Young Knives and Stornaway who began like the multitude of musicians and artists who play in Oxford’s music venues every night of the week.

Societies such as Music At Oxford and the Oxford Philhomusica keep the classical traditions alive and current. Music is at the heart of one of the city’s oldest traditions, the May Day celebrations, when the Magdalen College choir heralds the breaking of the dawn.

Bringing sound and music to the world are a diverse community of producers, engineers and technologists whose techniques and equipment sit behind the stage or the other side of the glass. Companies such as Solid State Logic, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of mixing consoles and We7 (now Blinkbox music), pioneers of online music distribution, are examples. Other OTMFN members include representatives from Sonnox, Oxford Digital, Oxford Wave Research and the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), which has its global HQ in the city.

Cally Robson – A Tribute

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Tony Henderson celebrates the life of our friend Cally: For my friend and fellow OTMFN board member Cally Robson who tragically died of cancer on Tuesday 19 May. The Invisible Force The Invisible Force that beset you That you fought and you never gave in Has lifted you up from beside us Though your presence remains here and within. We know you so well as our teacher Our coach, our parent, our friend. We’ll have to write it all down now To which address can we now send? It’s not questions that really need answers But your voice...

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Monetising the Music Industry event, 9 March, 2015

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Monetising the Music Industry event, 9 March, 2015

Pennies From Heaven, an Oxford Technology & Media event. 9 Mar 2015, at The Story Museum, Oxford, UK. Were the vast sums of money made from recorded music in the 20th century just a curious anomaly in the history of music, or can new digital rights technology herald a return to the good old days? OTM’s Paul Wightman talks with music industry stars Dave Gaydon, Pete Downton and Oli Steadman. Video: Indigo Dingo THE PANEL DAVE GAYDON — Head of music at the world famous Camden Roundhouse since 2007 and before that, head of music &...

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Guest Post: The School of Sound International Symposium 2015

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We welcome this guest post from OTM member Larry Sider of The School of Sound Through its seminars and workshops dating back to 1998, the School of Sound has created a unique forum for exploring the use and creation of sound in media and the arts. It’s masterclasses by innovative, visionary practitioners, artists and academics, have created an on-going ‘conversation’ about the connections between creativity, technology and audience perception that define 21st century sound design. As Diane Sider of the School of Sound explains, the SOS began...

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Calling businesses looking to expand in or to Oxfordshire

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This is a guest post (hopefully the first of many) introducing the Invest in Oxfordshire service Invest in Oxfordshire is a free, confidential inward investment service. With partners, we support new companies to move into Oxfordshire; and existing companies to grow. To date we have focused predominately on three key sectors; life sciences, advanced engineering, and space-related technology.  We are now actively researching, and looking to support the Creative Industries, Environmental Technology, and IT sectors.  If you are such a company...

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Music & Sound Event – 11 Nov 2013

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  Music & Lyrics Why music & sound make the world go round An OTMFN event 11 Nov 2013 at Solid State Logic, Begbroke, Oxfordshire     Video by Paul Wightman, filmmaker and owner of Indigo Dingo Ltd – film production and moving image communications agency. Kindly hosted by Solid State Logic in its purpose-built audio facility in Begbroke, this event gave life to the role of sound and music in today’s world. On a tour of the SSL campus, we enjoyed practical demonstrations of how rich and complex productions are...

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A Few Words About Sound

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We live in a world obsessed with images. Sight has precedence over all the other senses. Yet sound is what we experience first, and last, in our lives.

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Next step in the OTMFN journey

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We’re quietly launching the new website for The Oxford Technology Media & Finance Network today at http://www.otmfn.co.uk. For the sake of transparency, this has not been funded, but set up as a ‘starter site’ to be a place to capture news about the network and its members. It has been developed by David Harris (who you may know as a marketing and strategy expert or as a director of local IT Support business, The Oxford Knowledge Company with input from the other OTMFN Board members. Over the coming months, we’ll...

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Tech Strategy Board’s Creative Industries Investment Programme 2013-14

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A heads up for you on the new Creative Industries Strategy and Investment Programme 2013-14 from the governments innovation agency the Technology Strategy Board – which includes upcoming project areas they’re looking to invest in – Cross-Platform Production in Digital Media Frictionless Commerce (as an online shopper, I do like that one 🙂 Hyperlocal Media Demonstrators (hmmm. Anyone?) Location Based Services Valuing and Pricing Digital Assets Big Data Exploration (if you must) Large amounts of dosh involved, non-matched...

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Oxfordshire Innovation Engine – Report and Recommendations For Our High Tech Future

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Sponsored by the Uni of Oxford, Science Oxford and the Local Enterprise Partnership, this 92 page report was published early October. Seems well researched to me (by SQW group) and includes some great recommendations and direction for the future of the county. Particularly around the need for stronger leadership and vision, and improved networking opportunities. The gap for me, however, is that the “high tech” areas cover really only the conventional areas we’d associate with Oxfordshire – bioscience & medical,...

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Music news

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We welcome guest bloggers to write articles in any of our topic areas in the new site. Contact us if you would like to contribute. This is  sample OTMFN post.  Each post will be a news item that can be added to various parts of the site and can have one or more category.  It can, however, only have one author.

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