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Cally Robson – A Tribute

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Tony Henderson celebrates the life of our friend Cally:

For my friend and fellow OTMFN board member Cally Robson who tragically died of cancer on Tuesday 19 May.

Cally Robson

The Invisible Force

The Invisible Force that beset you
That you fought and you never gave in
Has lifted you up from beside us
Though your presence remains here and within.

We know you so well as our teacher
Our coach, our parent, our friend.
We’ll have to write it all down now
To which address can we now send?

It’s not questions that really need answers
But your voice that speaks in our ears
It tells us to lay aside mourning
And rejoice as if you were here.

So creative with passion and humour
You rode life’s triumphs and pain
The Visible Force of your person
Still here and shall always remain.

Tony Henderson

Tony Henderson

Tony Henderson is Playready Lead Europe at Microsoft.

Tony is responsible for enabling Microsoft’s TV and entertainment partners to deliver new and innovative experiences to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and other leading smartphones, tablets and devices. Prior to Microsoft Tony ran a leadership network for CEOs and held senior commercial roles with the BBC and the music industry. In 2012 Tony published his first book “The Leopard In A Pinstripe Suit” which is a fun perspective on today’s business world. In his spare time Tony also runs ultra-marathons, recently completing an 83 mile run along the length of Hadrian’s wall. Tony is a graduate of Edinburgh University.
Tony Henderson

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